Low libido

Synonyms: Low sex drive

Medical Specialties: Obstetrics/gynecology, Psychiatry, Urology

Clinical Definition

Low libido, or low sexual drive, is the lack of sexual drive and diminished sexual desires, which may occur for many emotional, physical or psychosocial reasons. This common sexual dysfunction is considered a desire disorder and may be caused by a decrease in the production of estrogen (in women) and testerone (in men). 

In Our Own Words

Low libido is a very common sexual dysfunction that refers to a lack of sex drive and diminished sexual desire. While many factors may contribute to a low libido, this common sexual dysfunction is often the result of natural aging, as women and men both experience depleting levels of sex hormones (estrogen and testposterone), respectively. 


Two other common causes for a diminished sex drive are pregnancy, which causes wild fluctuations in hormone levels, and medications, such as antidepressants and anti-seizure drugs, which can cause a significantly decreased libido. 

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