Medical Specialties: Dermatology, Family practice

Clinical Definition

Rhinophyma is a condition, which is thought to be a severe form of rosacea. It is characterized by hypertrophy and redness of the lower portion of the nose. It is a result of hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands in the nose. The condition may also spread to the adjacent cheeks.

In Our Own Words

Rhinophyma is a large, red colored nose, which is associated with the skin condition rosacea. The nose takes on a bulb-like shape and appearance. It develops due to enlarged oil glands in the nose. In some instances, it may also spread to the cheeks. Although anyone can develop rhinophyma, it is more common in males. Rhinophyma can be disfiguring, taking a an emotional toll.

Relevant Conditions
  • Rosacea
Side Effects
  • Redding of the nose
  • Bulbous shaped nose
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Increased oil glands
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