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  • The Difference Between Greek Yogurt And Regular Yogurt

    Yogurt is a great source of vitamins, calcium and protein, suitable for a healthy diet and a great alternative to less healthy snack foods, desserts and toppings. When scanning across the local, neighborhood market for a tub or pack of...more

  • New Limits on Daily Sugar Intake

    The WHO based its proposed guidelines on evidence revealing how too much sugar is contributing to the worldwide epidemic of obesity and widespread tooth decay. (Dental disease is the most widespread non-communicable disease, or a...more

  • 10 Herbs and Spices With Health Benefits

    As part of a balanced diet, vegetables, fruits and herbs have health benefits that scientists are just beginning to understand. This article pulls together a bit of the basic science behind potential health benefits of some promising...more

  • Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

    As a breastfeeding mother, the dietary rules are generally not as strict as they were during pregnancy, but you should still avoid certain things to ensure your baby continues to gets only the best.   Breastfeeding Basics...more

  • Vitamin D Deficiency Associated With Major Health Problems

    Subtle signs you don’t have enough Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, may include muscle weakness, fatigue and mild depressionmore

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