Abdominal Pain And Discomfort

Abdominal pain occurs for a variety of reasons among men and women. Learn more about possible conditions and symptoms here.... more

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  • Neck Pain Symptoms
    Neck Pain Symptoms

    Neck pain is very uncomfortable. Sometimes, it goes away on its own, and sometimes, the pain will persist. You could have slept funny, or you could have a more serious condition like a spinal cord or nerve injury...more

  • Chest Pain Symptoms
    Chest Pain Symptoms

    Chest pain should never be ignored. If your chest pain is lingering and persistent, you could have heart problems, and if your chest pain is sudden, you could be having a heart attack. Only a doctor can exclude serious conditions to keep..more

  • Arm Pain Symptoms
    Arm Pain Symptoms

    Three major bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles make up your arms. Your pain can be mild, moderate, or severe and can occur anywhere between your shoulders and wrists. Your arm pain might be the result of an injury, or you might..more

  • Headache Symptoms
    Headache Symptoms

    Many conditions cause headaches. You may be tired, dehydrated, or ill with the flu. No matter the situation, a headache is always painful. In general, you don't need to worry, but you should understand when it's necessary to follow up with..more

  • Snoring Symptoms
    Snoring Symptoms

    A snoring spouse might drive you crazy, but believe it or not, snoring can be a symptom of a more serious condition like sleep apnea, which can cause people to suddenly stop breathing. Make sure that your loved one's storing is not the..more

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