3 Dental Implants Advantages to Know About

May 7th 2016

Even though dental care is a priority for most people, the reality is that many suffer with tooth loss due to injury, gum disease and tooth decay. Historic treatments for tooth loss have primarily included bridges and dentures, but dental implants, or the replacement of tooth roots, are becoming a popular choice and have many advantages for dental patients.

Preservation of Bones and Tissues

Dental implants offer a strong foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth and provide independent support to bridgework, overdentures and crowns. The replacement teeth reduce the load on the remaining teeth of dental patients and preserve the natural tooth tissue. Dental implants also reduce bone deterioration that often occurs with the loss of jawbone height.

Improved Appearance

Since dental implants are crafted to match natural teeth, they look and feel more natural. Dental implants fuse naturally with the bone and become permanent, which can help patients feel better about themselves when they smile. Dental implants are also more comfortable, eliminating the discomfort that often accompanies removable dentures.

Speech may also improve with dental implants because, unlike poor-fitting dentures, the teeth do not slip within a person's mouth, causing slurred speech. In some cases, dental implants help to improve and control facial contours, which reduces the risk of premature wrinkles.

Convenience and Durability

Dental implants are designed to last many years or even a lifetime with proper care. The durable replacement teeth are also convenient. For example, with removable dentures, some people find it inconvenient to remove or re-apply adhesives. Since dental implants become permanent teeth, there is no need for embarrassing instances as can occur when dentures slip.

Oral cleaning is also more convenient with dental implants. Since more of the patient's teeth are left intact and individual implants provide access between teeth, flossing and brushing can be a simple task and oral hygiene improves.

An attractive and convenient option to improving oral hygiene and tooth care has been found with dental implants. The advantages have made this dental procedure a common choice for individuals with tooth loss and bone decay.

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