5 Tips for Steering Clear of Flea Bites

May 7th 2016

People with pets, high weeds and grasses near the home, and less-than-stellar housekeeping practices within the home are more at risk for an infestation of fleas. Take the precautions necessary to avoid fleas from biting the people and animals you love the most.

Safeguard Pets

Your beloved pet may be the reason why fleas are entering your home. Fleas attach to animals outdoors and reproduce before you know it. Prevent flea bites by eliminating the risk of fleas attaching to your pets. Keep pets away from gardens and neighborhood animals, and inspect your pets for fleas before they return into your home. Mow the lawn to keep it short; high grass and weeds often include an infestation of fleas. Attach a flea collar to each pet, use a flea comb to remove any tiny insects and vacuum areas where your pets lay regularly.

Set Flea Traps

Household items can help to repel and catch fleas that have infested your home. Dishwashing liquid works as a natural trap for fleas that have already taken up residence within your home. Place a small bowl of dishwashing liquid and water on counter tops and floors in each room to attract the fleas. A small tea candle may also help fleas to gather so you can eliminate them in your home.

Vacuum Daily

Daily cleaning can help to prevent fleas from reproducing. Suck up these tiny pests, even when you can't see them, by vacuuming floors and furniture regularly. Focus on entry areas of the home, as well as your pets' beds and any areas where you have detected the presence of fleas.

Wash Bedding

Clean environments are less likely to attract fleas. Wash your bedding, towels and blankets regularly to eliminate an infestation of fleas within your home. If you have blankets that you have used outdoors or that your pets use regularly, shake the blankets off outside and wash them daily to keep fleas out of your the home.

Use Insecticides

Prevention is key when warding off fleas and insects. Apply insecticides to your yard and home to prevent fleas from infesting on plants, gardens and near entryways. It may be necessary to hire a professional exterminator. People with young children and pets should opt for natural solutions that are not harmful for the environment.


Flea bites can affect people and pets in your home. Itching, swelling and infections can result when fleas invade the skin and body. Prevent these tiny pests from infecting your home and its occupants by taking preventative methods to eliminate fleas once and for all.

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