7 Common Signs and Symptoms of a Flea Bite

May 7th 2016

Treatment is not always necessary for people with mild symptoms and signs of flea bites. Over-the-counter topical cream can help reduce swelling, itching or pain. Individuals with allergic reactions, infections or extreme symptoms should seek medical attention immediately after they suspect they have been bitten by fleas.


People who have been bitten by fleas typically develop a rash or hives. The small bumps are often red and turn white when pressed. Some people notice the pattern of the bites includes a cluster of three bumps together. The most common areas of the body for flea bites include the waist, armpits, ankles and the bends of the knees and elbows.


Flea bites may not always produce bumps or hives. An indication of a bite may include itching, similar to the itchy sensation caused by mosquitoes. Itching that occurs in conjunction with small bumps on the skin indicates fleas have bitten the body. People who itch the site of the bite may experience bleeding.


Existing sores or injury on the skin are susceptible to infection. People who have been bitten by fleas may notice swelling near existing injuries or sores in addition to a rash, hives or itching.

Red Halo

Flea bites commonly occur in clusters. One way to distinguish a flea bite from another type of insect bite is to identify the red halo within the bite center. Between the small, red bumps, a halo-like appearance forms at the site of the bite.


Most people recover relatively quickly from flea bites as they disappear on their own. People who itch the bites excessively may develop white-topped blisters. These blisters could be an indication an infection exists in the body. A consultation with a medical professional is recommended if blisters form.

Allergic Reactions

Individuals who have allergic reactions to flea bites may experience serious symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Common symptoms of an allergic reaction to flea bites include dizziness, nausea, chest pain or difficulty breathing. Some people may also experience swelling of the tongue or lips.

Swollen Glands

An infection stemming from flea bites can produce swollen glands in rare cases. Swollen glands are typically accompanied with pain in the area and redness on the skin. A consultation with a health care professional is recommended if these symptoms develop.


Fleas are tiny insects that feed on warm-blooded humans and animals. Most people may not even know fleas have invaded their home, which is why it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a flea bite that could produce painful skin rashes and allergic reactions.

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