Natural Ways to Deal With Lyme Disease

May 7th 2016

The natural treatments for Lyme disease may help rid the body of harmful bacteria, aid in pain management and boost the immune system. All of the treatments for Lyme disease, whether they are traditional or alternative treatments, should be monitored by a physician to ensure the disease does not worsen or spread to various parts of the body or organs. Natural treatments may be helpful for individuals who have mild symptoms or who are in the early stages of Lyme disease.


Acupuncture can be an effective method to reduce or eliminate the pain caused by Lyme disease. Acupuncture involves pricking the tissues or skin with needles to alleviate pain. This practice originated in China and has been used to treat emotional, mental and physical ailments.


People going through the symptoms and discomfort of Lyme disease may find relief with herbs, also known as Lyme-killing plants. Oral capsules of herbs such as banderol, samento and andrographis may reduce pain and rid the body of harmful bacteria. Green tea compounds and curcumin can also reduce stress in the body.


Individuals who have Lyme disease need a healthy immune system to fight off infection. People deficient in vitamins B, D and zinc may experience a slower recovery time without the nutrients needed to rid the body of harmful bacteria. Daily multivitamins or vitamin supplements may provide the boost the body needs to treat the symptoms of Lyme disease.


A consistent exercise routine helps boost energy and keep the body prepared to fight off infections. Although many people with Lyme disease experience a decrease in energy levels, adding a mild exercise routine can rejuvenate the body and increase energy and motivation.

Clean Eating

Individuals with Lyme disease can ward off symptoms and rid the body of bacteria by adopting a low glycemic index diet. Diets high in sugar and carbohydrates often fuel Lyme germs and prolong recovery. A healthy diet should eliminate sugar and processed foods to reduce inflammation, circulation and the activity of the immune system. Adding unrefined natural sea salt to all meals helps the body naturally reject pathogens, too. Foods high in healthy fats include yogurt, cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, and they can help protect the body from central nervous system damage.


Lyme disease is a bacterial skin infection that can cause painful rashes and sores on people. Lyme disease also affects muscles and tissues, leaving patients with less energy and a weaker immune system. Traditional treatments include prescription antibiotics to rid the body of infection. However, natural treatments may provide relief as well.

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