Pregnancy Diet

May 7th 2016


Following a healthy diet plan is always important; however, diet becomes even more crucial during pregnancy. The chances of pregnancy problems decrease with the intake of proper nutrition.

What you eat while pregnant, especially during early pregnancy, can be crucial to your baby's development. Intake of folic acid as early as within the first few weeks of pregnancy is extremely important for the baby's early spinal cord and brain development.

Daily prenatal vitamins are crucial even before you're pregnant. You can buy prenatal vitamins over-the-counter until your doctor prescribes them for you. Your doctor should be able to give you a sample diet to follow to be sure you get enough nutrients, in addition to the vitamins. If you have high blood sugar or the doctor fears gestational diabetes, your doctor might put you on a diabetic diet and maybe even prescribe special vitamins. Pregnancy is also no time to try and lose weight.

If you're pregnant with twins, eating a lot of calories is really important. Likewise, if your pregnancy is triplets, diet will play an even bigger part in your babies' health than if you were carrying a single fetus. The chances that your normal diet will give them everything they need is unlikely; as a result, discussing the right way to nourish you and your fetuses is crucial.

Pregnancy doesn't require you to stuff yourself to get enough calories. You can find creative ways to get the proper nutrition, just be sure everything you eat is safe. Some fish, for instance, should be avoided because of high mercury levels. Eating certain foods can also cause excess stomach acid. Pregnancy often causes indigestion and heartburn, which is usually easily remedied by an over-the-counter treatment. Pregnant women should check with their doctor before taking any kind of an antacid to be sure it's safe.

Pregnancy causes many bodily changes and unfortunately, acne can be one of them. Pregnancy requires treatment that might differ from the norm, so be sure to ask your doctor about the safety of your acne treatment during pregnancy.


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