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May 7th 2016


Countless women determine their pregnancy status via an over-the-counter pregnancy test; however, a little known fact is that they can actually be wrong. It's important to visit your doctor if you think you might be pregnant because he or she can confirm your results. If you're pregnant, the doctor can also prescribe prenatal and answer any pregnancy questions you might have.

There are roughly 3 million unplanned pregnancies each year. Visiting your doctor is even more critical if your pregnancy was unplanned. Getting the right pregnancy information and learning about your options is essential in making informed decisions.

In addition to discussing your pregnancy with your doctor, pregnancy books available in any bookstores are also a great resource for pregnant women. Pregnancy magazines offer up-to-do information, tips, and advice. Pregnancy literature includes critical information such as risk factors, a healthy pregnancy diet, pregnancy acts every expectant mother should know, and other important facts about prenatal care.

One drawback of reading the information, as opposed to asking your doctor questions, is that you're faced with a mountain of the information, rather than just what you need to know. You'll read about complication statistics, pregnancy problems, and the illnesses that can arise, including gestational diabetes, complications due to the Rh factor, and other problems.

It's easy to become overwhelmed; however, you should remember that if your doctor feels any problem could arise, he or she will discuss it with you. Don't dwell on all of the negative possibilities; instead, focus on taking good care of your body and getting good medical care.

The first step is to find out more information from your doctor.


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