Preventing Sun Spots Without Slowing Down Your Active Lifestyle

May 7th 2016

Sun spots are generally harmless, but they are unsightly and may make you look older than your actual age. Taking basic precautions and using the right cosmetics can help prevent their appearance and keep you looking young and vibrant.

Avoid Sunlight Without Slowing Down

Your active lifestyle means a lot of exercise, and most of that usually occurs in daylight hours. However, you may want to consider whether that sun exposure is really necessary. Confining your training to early mornings or late afternoons can help limit direct sun exposure. Training at night can also help prevent sun damage. It is also generally significantly cooler, increasing your capabilities.

If you need to train during daylight hours, consider wearing long pants and sleeves to help cover you up. Covering your skin can actually be more comfortable in extreme heat because it slows evaporation and reflects heat.

When You Cannot Avoid, Protect

Everyone gets too much sun at times, but if you regularly find yourself outdoors, wearing a quality sunscreen is probably your best defense against sun spots. Apply it about 15 minutes before exposure, and reapply frequently. Do your research to make sure the brand you are using backs up its claims with testing.

Exfoliate Regularly

Sun spots are basically a topical accumulation of melanin, which results in a darker pigment. Exfoliation probably will not eradicate established sun spots, but it can help prevent the formation of new ones by scrubbing away that damaged layer of skin before it has time to establish itself. Exfoliation does not mean scrubbing anything raw. Instead, use gentle exfoliators, such as a loofah or a cleanser with pineapple extracts.


One of the most reliable methods of removing sun spots is a chemical peel, which requires the assistance of a trained professional. Peels can be performed at many spas, and most cosmetic surgeons offer them.

For mild sun spots, simply incorporating some of those acids into your daily routine is probably enough. Salicylic acid is a common and effective ingredient in products designed to reduce sun spots. Other acidic applications, including lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, may help reduce the signs of sun spots.

Stay Healthy

Nutrition is a good basic defense against sun spots. Making sure you get enough of vitamins A, C and D can keep your skin tone even and keep you looking young. Some antioxidants can also keep your skin looking young and healthy. Eating a diet rich in cranberries and other fruits and vegetables may help prevent sun spots.


Sun spots are a common part of aging. These areas of dark pigmentation are generally harmless, but they can be unsightly. Many active people have simply resigned themselves to sun spots, but there are ways to prevent and treat them.

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