Using Natural Supplements to Treat High Blood Pressure

May 7th 2016

Fish Oil

Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and may help mitigate the harmful effects of high blood pressure. They also reduce the amount of dangerous triglycerides in the body, which are not directly related to high blood pressure but are common in hypertension patients due to similar lifestyle causes.

Although fish oil is available as a supplement, there is evidence that it may be more effective if it comes from dietary sources. Consider adding fatty or oily fish, such as salmon, to your diet as part of a more extensive plan to lower blood pressure. If you do buy supplements, make sure the manufacturer checks its fish for toxic mercury levels.

Folic Acid

High blood pressure frequently contributes to the buildup of an amino acid called homocysteine in the blood. This can weaken and damage the arterial walls, potentially leading to an aortic aneurysm or other life-threatening condition. Fortunately, there is evidence that folic acid can counteract this damaging process, so it may be a good choice for people experiencing high blood pressure.

Herbs and Spices

While incorporating extra spices into your food is likely to give meals a more flavorful kick, it can help lower your blood pressure at the same time. Although the effect of many herbs and spices on blood pressure is not yet proven, there is some evidence that flavorful seasonings such as cardamom, basil and even garlic can lower your blood pressure. Opinions are mixed and it may not be worth taking these spices in supplement form, but making an effort to cook with them is generally safe and can contribute to reduced hypertension.


Some studies have shown that magnesium supplements may be effective at reducing blood pressure because of their calcium-blocking properties. Calcium is an essential part of any healthy diet, but people with high blood pressure may accumulate too much of it in their arterial muscles, which can cause the muscles to contract excessively and contribute to the problem. Increased magnesium intake may mitigate this effect.


Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, can create serious long-term consequences for your health. However, it is generally treatable using diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques. Some natural herbs and supplements may also help lower your blood pressure. Be sure to consult your doctor before using any of these supplements to make sure they don't interfere with your current medications or other health conditions.

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