These 2021 Health Trends Will Boost Our Wellness This Year

Photo Courtesy: Solskin/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything about our daily lives. 2020 was a year of quarantining, practicing social distancing, wearing masks and navigating the major uncertainty that threw things into a state of chaos and confusion. It was also a year of physical, mental and emotional challenges that have traveled with us into 2021.

The pandemic upended many of the ways we approach fitness and overall wellness, doing everything from making gym-based workouts nearly impossible to sparking a renewed focus on the importance of mental health care. And these changes have led to some new health trends that we’re looking forward to diving into. As the pandemic continues, we’re adapting to new ways of life, particularly when it comes to improving or maintaining our overall health. That’s reflected in these major health trends that will continue to rise in 2021.