7 Healthy Foods With Beta-Glucan

Photo Courtesy: Arx0nt/Getty Images

Beta-glucan is a type of water-soluble dietary fiber found in a variety of different foods. Because it’s water soluble, the fiber in beta-glucan-rich foods attracts water and turns to a gel-like consistency during the digestion process. As a result, your digestion slows down a bit when you eat these foods. This can make you feel full longer after you eat — a helpful advantage when you’re working to lose weight. It’s also a benefit for people with diabetes because this helps regulate their bodies’ insulin and blood sugar responses.

Different studies have shown that beta-glucan is excellent for intestinal health and helps to improve heart health and cholesterol levels. In fact, both, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority have approved claims that consuming 3 grams of beta-glucan specifically from barley or oats can lower blood cholesterol levels by up to 8%.

All of these health benefits mean there’s a lot of value in incorporating beta-glucan into your diet. Luckily, there’s a variety of delicious foods with beta-glucan that make it easier to get started in reaching this goal. Here are seven of them to try out.