How Can I Make Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies?

Photo Courtesy: SOPA Images/Contributor/Getty Images

Whether you’re dealing with kids or adults, peanut butter cookies are always a favorite at a gathering. Well-made peanut butter cookies are the perfect blend of sweetness and salt in a soft yet chewy package, and they’re as great for an afternoon snack as they are desert to bring to parties.

What’s more, peanut butter has nutritional value that chocolate does not, making peanut butter cookies particularly worthy of consideration for anyone trying to satisfy a child’s sweet tooth. While peanut butter cookies are very much still cookies and therefore not as healthy as, say, an apple, they can make for a responsible treat for young ones. There’s a peanut butter cookie recipe out there for every baker’s needs, whether that’s something that can be whipped up quickly with few ingredients or even a sugar-free delight.