10 Treatments for Pleurisy

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Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs. Herbalists have been treating pleurisy causes and symptoms with natural remedies for centuries. Read on for 10 herbal treatments for pleurisy.


The herb hyssop can treat pleurisy caused by a viral infection and other respiratory problems, as stated by the website ayurvediccure.com. This effective treatment clears blocked airways to provide relief against pleurisy symptoms.

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Lobelia contains alkaloids, which stimulate the respiratory system and reduce coughing in pleurisy sufferers, as stated by ayurvediccure.com. Lobelia also helps to relax spasms in chest muscles, and reduces pain.


Pleurisy Root

A traditional cure for pleurisy, this root soothes and reduces inflammation in the lining of the chest, according to ayurvediccure.com. This herbal remedy clears chest congestion and can relieve breathing difficulty common with pleurisy.

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Sage provides a cooling and soothing effect, and reduces inflammation of the pleura, as stated by ayurvediccure.com. This herb also helps to remove the infections that aggravate pleurisy, and improves blood circulation.



This time-tested herbal remedy cures problems such as pleurisy and the common cold by removing excess toxins from the body, as stated by ayurvediccure.com. Yarrow contains azulene volatile oil, which helps to fight against bacterial infection.



Traditional Chinese medicine uses ephedra to cure pleurisy and other respiratory problems, states ayurvediccure.com. Ephedra is addictive and habit-forming, so use it under the guidance of an experienced herbalist.

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A powerful herbal treatment for pleurisy pain, camphor helps to expel mucous from the lungs, as reported by ayurvediccure.com. This remedy also helps to reduce fever and labored breathing associated with pleurisy.

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Black Seed

Black seed oil is used for its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties to help treat the symptoms of pleurisy, as claimed by ayurvediccure.com. Black seed boosts the overall immunity of the body, and can be added to food or turned into a tea.



In addition to lung pleurisy, basil can inhibit other illnesses such as coughing, stress, fevers, diabetes, kidney stones and more, as reported by the website effectiveremedies.com. Basil's anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties can also reduce the pain of pleurisy.



In addition to pleurisy, hogweed is useful in curing convulsions, fungus, heart attacks and more, as reported by effectiveremedies.com. Hogweed can remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes, making it an effective home remedy for pleurisy.