Abdominal Pain: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Photo Courtesy: Bundit Binsuk/EyeEm/Getty Images

Abdominal pain is characterized by cramping or discomfort in the abdomen (or stomach) area. It is also referred to as belly ache, tummy ache, or stomach ache. It can occur anywhere in the abdomen, including right below the chest; in the center; over to one or other side; or down toward the groin. The discomfort can range from mild to severe, and can be acute (recent onset) or chronic (long term). 

Most of the time, abdominal pain does not signify any immediate life-threatening situations. However, if the aches are recurring and accompanied by other signs and symptoms, such as bloody stool, vomit, or high fever, be sure to seek immediate medical care as these could be signs of a more serious condition.