10 Activities for Dementia Patients


Dementia and Alzheimer's are difficult diseases and can leave patients feeling depressed or anxious, according to the Alzheimer's Association. Participating in activities is an important part of caring for a dementia patient. There are many activities for dementia clients that can help create emotional connections, reduce anxiety and increase happiness, notes the AARP. Check out these 10 dementia activities that can keep patients engaged with their loved ones.


Gardening is an excellent way to bring someone outdoors. Patients may find fulfillment in repetitive tasks, such as planting seeds, according to AARP.


Jigsaw Puzzles

Find a simple version of a hobby that a patient once enjoyed, states AARP. Jigsaw puzzles with large pieces are a good replacement for more difficult puzzles.



Exercise can help a dementia patient find a healthier and more positive outlook, as noted by AARP. Swimming is a great option for older adults and can help with balance, states Live Science.



Artistic activities, such as painting, can help stimulate the brain, notes Alzheimers.net. Often, dementia patients don't judge their work as harshly, and can simply enjoy the moment.



Families can spend time together with their loved one baking simple recipes, such as cupcakes or cookies. Give the patient a simple task, such as stirring the batter, recommends AARP.


Reading Together

Find a book with large print to read with the patient. Family members can also choose one of the patient's favorite books to read out loud.


Listening to Music

Therapists found that patients in late stages of dementia respond to music, reports AARP. Listen or sing to music from the patient's past.


Look at Old Photos

A great way to spend time with a dementia patient is to reminisce about the past. Look through old photos to trigger happy memories and help the patient remember, recommends AARP.


Sorting Games

Patients who enjoy sorting games may enjoy this type of activity. Examples are sorting blocks by color or sorting baseball cards by team.

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Yoga is another exercise that can benefit dementia patients. Patients can take a community center class specifically designed for older adults. Start by choosing a few simple poses to try out.