6 Activities That Teach Empathy to Kids

Photo Courtesy: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Without a doubt, 2020 was a difficult year for all of us. For school-aged children, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic safely also entailed adjusting to virtual learning and distancing from their friends. But as many students return to the classroom — and as some enter a classroom for the first time — another hurdle looms. Just like adults, kids will have to learn to be around other people again, including peers with identities and experiences that differ from their own. 

With this in mind, it's important to develop strategies to teach kids empathy and kindness early on, especially as they begin to socialize in person again. Activities like role-playing and reading are just a few ways to help students connect with their emotions as well as the emotions of others. Here, we've rounded up a few great activities that teach empathy — for kids and adults.