Are Reusable Grocery Bags Safe After the Coronavirus?

Photo Courtesy: GabrielPevider/Getty Images

As the coronavirus rapidly spread across the United States and around the world, it swept uncertainties and questions into our minds, too. News stories came out daily, all with changing information as scientists learned more about the virus. Soon, we discovered that the coronavirus could potentially live on surfaces for varying lengths of time, and people grew anxious about touching certain things and using particular items like reusable grocery bags. States like Connecticut, which typically levied a surcharge for plastic bags or enforced plastic bag bans, lifted those regulations during the pandemic in response — just in case reusable bags could transmit the virus and contaminate other surfaces. As it turns out, this decision was a smart one.

If you’re an eco-conscious shopper who frequently carries reusable bags, you may have some concerns about whether they’re safe to use as the pandemic continues. Learn more about the coronavirus and how it relates to shopping carefully, including the type of bags you should (and shouldn’t) shop with.