Is Baking With Silicone Safe?

Photo Courtesy: Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

While you might know silicone more for its use in plastic surgery, there’s a good chance that you can also find it right in your own kitchen. If you have any muffin pans, Bundt pans, spatulas, cupcake liners or other items made from brightly colored rubbery material, you’re probably already cooking and baking with silicone in your own home.

Silicone’s durability in the kitchen has made preparing meals easier for Americans across the country. However, it’s also true that silicone is a relatively new material whose long-term effects still aren’t fully known. While silicone is safe by many metrics, there are some studies that suggest that silicone could have some issues under certain circumstances. Before deciding if silicone is right for you and your family, you should understand what silicone is good for in the kitchen — and where you might be better off cooking and baking with a different material.