A Handy Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

If the thought of hidden germs in the kitchen sends tingles down your spine, then wait until you read up on the facts about germs and bacteria in the bathroom. While most people would expect to find the most germs and bacteria in and around their toilet, they're wrong. Numerous studies have found that the bathroom sink actually has more germs and bacteria than the toilet! For those of you feeling a bit skittish, fear not, the kitchen still beats the bathroom as being the dirtiest place in your home. And if that isn't enough to comfort you, then you better follow this bathroom cleaning checklist down to the very last spot.

Sink Cleaning

Fighting germs and bacteria requires diligence, care and getting down to the very last detail. Leave no spot unchecked, no soap bar unturned. The first item on your checklist should be the kitchen sink. Some studies have found that the sink can harbor more germs and bacteria than the toilet! That is why it is the first item on this checklist.

  • For everyday purposes, keep a cloth or small bath towel near your sink, specifically for cleaning and not for your hands or face. After each use of the sink, use the towel to wipe the faucet, handles and the rest of the sink.
  • On a weekly basis, use a scrubber and some all-purpose cleaner to scrub the sink. Don't forget to scrub around the faucet and handles.
  • On a seasonal basis, make sure you check the aerator in the faucet spout for any build-up or debris. The faucet aerator is that little mesh grill at the end of the spout that filters the water.

Toilet Tips

Now that you've taken care of the dirtiest item in your bathroom, it's time to move on to the next bathroom fixture, which is the fixture that most people would expect to be the dirtiest: the toilet.

  • For everyday purposes, always wipe the toilet lid, seat and rim (the last one especially if you're a guy) after every use. Here's a quick-tip: always flush with the toilet seat down. These will keep the nasty particles in the toilet instead having them fly and spray out of the toilet upon flushing.
  • On a weekly basis, clean and sanitize your toilet bowl with anti-bacterial cleaner and bleach. Give the bowl a good once-over with a toilet scrubber and make sure to scrub under the ring of the rim.
  • On a monthly basis, check your toilet tank (the big square block sitting above and behind the bowl) and make sure everything is working properly. An optional cleaning technique would be to pour baking soda into the tank and let it sit for a few hours than cycling it out of the tank with a flush or two.

Bathtubs And Showers

The next item on your checklist should be the bathtub or shower. It's very important to clean and maintain the bathroom fixture you use to clean your entire body.

  • For everyday purposes, give your shower door or curtain a quick spray with water. Also rinse out the entire shower or tub to remove any leftover hair.
  • On a weekly basis, scrub the tub/shower handles, spout and drain with all-purpose cleaner. Use a hard sponge or hand-brush to get any build-up or mildew.
  • On a monthly basis, check the drain for any clogged debris. In other words, check the drain for hair that might be clogging your drain. Next, squeegee your shower or bathtub doors, or wipe down the curtain.

Bathroom Walls

Don't neglect your bathroom walls, especially the areas that are tile, which are typically inside of the shower or bathtub. With tile walls, use an all-purpose cleaner and a hard sponge or thin brush to scrub any germs or bacteria that can build-up on the grout between tiles. Spray and wipe the remaining areas with an anti-bacterial spray and wipes.

Bathroom Counter And Mirror

Your bathroom mirror and countertop can also be a hot bed for germs and bacteria. Make sure you use some of that anti-bacterial spray to wipe down the counters once a week. For the bathroom mirror, use towels and glass cleaner to clean it on a weekly basis, and also be sure to give it a quick wipe with the sink towel if water or any other liquid splash on it.

Everything Else

From the door handle to the towel racks, make sure everything gets a good wipe down at least once a week. Spray down the tile floors with anti-bacterial spray and mop it down at least once per week. Anti-bacterial spray is your best friend when cleaning the bathroom, as it kills germs and bacteria while keeping your bathroom sparkling clean and smelling fresh.


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