Best Carrot Cake Cupcakes & Other Healthy Fall-Themed Desserts

Photo Courtesy: Natasha Breen/Reda & Co./Universal Images Group/Getty Images

While we might think of pumpkin-spice flavored coffee drinks first, autumn ushers in a whole slew of comforting, tasty flavors and dishes. At seasonal gatherings, like Halloween or Thanksgiving, seasonal desserts are especially delicious. After all, who doesn't love pumpkin, apple and maple flavors? 

Of course, although these desserts are fall staples, they may not be a good fit if you're on a low-sugar or low-calorie diet. But that doesn't mean you have to go without. Fortunately, there are quite a few spins on these classic treats that cut down on sugars, oils and other ingredients that are best to eat in moderation. If you're looking for some inspiration or hoping to adjust your own recipes, these fall-themed desserts are worth looking over — and, hopefully, tasting.