The 8 Best Home Remedies For Acne

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Dealing with acne can be a major inconvenience, and it can be a serious health issue for some people. While acne isn't exactly life threatening, it can have a very negative impact on people's confidence and can make them emotionally distressed. If you've spent a profound amount of money on pimple treatments that don't seem to work, you might want to try some of the best home remedies for acne listed below:

1. Orange Peels

Not only can oranges benefit the insides of your body, they are also beneficial when applied outside on your skin. Pound the orange peel with some water added with a mortar and pestle. You'll want to mash the water and orange peel until you're left with a pulpy mixture. You can apply the mixture directly to your acne. The idea is that the citric acid found inside the orange peel will help cleanse the affected area by eliminating bacteria.

2. Ginger

Ginger has been recognized as a popular home remedy for acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties are great for warding off acne. You can start using this acne treatment by ingesting ginger by either drinking it, or adding it as a spice to your meals. Ginger is also good for better blood circulation, which is good for your skin. Ginger can also be applied directly to acne on your body. Just extract some juice from the ginger and apply some on the affected area.

3. Add More Zinc to Your Diet

Among the many functions of zinc within the human body is its skin healing properties. Try adding more zinc to your diet to counteract the development of acne on your skin. Good sources of zinc include:

Since zinc is a trace mineral, most people tend to lack the suggested dietary intake. Aside from its skin healing properties, zinc has also been found to effectively lower HDL cholesterol. Before supplementing your diet with more zinc, make sure you consult your physician first.

4. Toothpaste

Many people have heard of toothpaste as a common, household remedy for zapping zits. While there is no scientific evidence that proves its effectiveness at fighting acne, many people believe toothpaste has the ability to clean your skin the same way it can clean your teeth. The main principle behind toothpaste as an acne treatment is it can ward off bacteria and absorb the oil around the pimple when used like a topical ointment. If you plan on using toothpaste as a home remedy for acne, avoid the teeth whitening variety, which contains excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that can irritate your skin.

5. Find Ways to Relieve Stress

High levels of stress can affect the hormones in your body, causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, leading to more acne. One way to counteract this hormonal imbalance is to find effective ways to relieve stress. This is, perhaps, where the association with staying up late at night can increase the amount of acne on a person's body. Try getting an adequate amount of sleep, mediation, exercise and eating healthier to help relieve stress to keep the pimples from popping up.

6. Yoga

Not only is yoga a great stress reliever, it can also help with blood circulation, especially to the face. If you're looking for an alternate means to fight pimples at home, without using some sort of natural cream or ointment, try adding yoga to your daily fitness regimen. By relieving stress and increasing your blood circulation, especially towards your face, you can reduce your acne outbreaks.

7. More Omega 3

Whether you are ingesting it in pill form, through cod liver oil, or in the foods you eat like salmon or tuna, omega 3 can help you fight acne. Omega 3 can be very beneficial to your skin, giving it a nice glow and shine while reducing your acne outbreaks.

8. Plain Soap and Water

A common myth, when dealing with acne, is to constantly wash one's face to keep the skin clean and free of oils that can cause acne. The truth is, washing your face and other acne infected areas too often can exacerbate your pimple problems. To avoid dry, irritated skin, wash your face only twice a day with regular soap and warm water. Also look for mild soaps or cleansers to prevent skin irritation.

Bottom Line

When using any of these home remedies for acne, it is important to be patient. Don't expect results overnight. Before making adjustments to your diet, or applying any of these remedies directly to your skin, speak with your physician first as you may be susceptible to an allergic reaction you may be unaware of.

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