A Guide To DIY Male Body Hair Removal

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Most guys are familiar with only two kinds of male body hair removal: head and facial. Unfortunately, grooming other areas of the male body is not as simple as shaving cream and a razor. Or is it? Use this guide to help you remove unwanted body hair in key places, but please note the disclaimer: SymptomFind is not responsible for any accidents, whether they are emotional or painful ones. Please use this DIY guide at your own risk.

Neck Hair

What you’ll need: Handheld mirror, hair clipper or a razor

For most men, shaving the front of their neck is just a part of their regular morning ritual. However, don’t neglect the sides and back of your neck, especially if you have short and clean haircut. Using a handheld mirror, take a hair clipper or razor and slowly  shave the neck hairs growing below the hairline. Make sure you shave around the sides, behind the ear and around the back of your neck. This will give you a cleaner look and will get rid of that hair necklace growing around your neck.

Nose Hair

What you’ll need: Nose-hair trimmer

While you can pluck those unsightly nose hairs, the pain is probably not worth it. Keep in mind, those nose-hairs serve a purpose by keeping foreign particles from entering your body though your nose, so you don’t want to completely remove them. While you can use a pair of hair scissors to trim those bad boys, it’s worth shelling out $15 for a decent nose-hair trimmer to get the job done.


What you’ll need: Tweezers

While some guys might feel proud about that prominent unibrow they got going on, others may feel that two is always better than one. If you’re looking to tame the hair on your brow, your best bet is to go with tweezers. You want to completely remove these hairs, and a razor may leave evidence that you tried to do a little eyebrow grooming and failed. Plus, you run the risk of shaving a little too much…then what are you supposed to do? Pencil in a fake eyebrow? Shave the other eyebrow to match? Shave all of it? Ridiculous!

Back Hair

What you’ll need: Handheld mirror, hair clipper and some serious flexibility

Unless your some sort of contortionist and can twist your neck 180 degrees, getting rid of that back hair may require some assistance. While you can go the route of the handheld mirror and an extendable hair clipper, there will be certain areas that you just can’t reach. On top of that, most guys aren’t that flexible to begin with. While most men should have no trouble reaching the outer areas of their back, things can get a little tricky towards the center. This is where you either ask for help, or just hope that you’re not going to have to go shirtless in public anytime soon.

Chest Hair

What you’ll need: Hair clipper or razor

If you’re looking to groom and maintain the hair on your chest, while keeping a manly tuft, a hair clipper is perfectly fine for trimming chest hair. However, if you want to be bold you can use shaving cream and a razor to make your chest completely hair less. If you have long chest hair, you might want to trim it down with a hair clipper before proceeding. Follow the same principles you would with your face and don’t apply too much pressure. Of course, you could always just go with hot wax…if you really wanted to.

Pubic Hair

What you’ll need: Hair Trimmer

You’ll want to take a little extra time and care for this particular area, for obvious reasons. While some may feel inclined to use scissors or a shaving razor, it’s just not worth the risk of accidentally puncturing, poking or cutting anything in that general area. Plus, most guys will be surprised that a good hair clipper can do the job just fine. If it’s your first time, you might not want to shave too much as this may cause irritation or discomfort.

Leg Hair

What you’ll need: Shaving cream and a razor

Here’s a little secret, some women are privy to using men’s shaving cream for their legs. In that case, there is no need to get anything special at the nearest drug store; just grab a new, disposable razor and some of your regular shaving cream and start shaving.

Arm Hair

What you’ll need: Shaving cream and a razor

It’s like shaving your legs, except it’s your arms.


What you’ll need: Shaving cream and a razor

It’s like shaving your arms, except it’s your pits! However, if you have unexplainably long armpit hair, you may want to trim it a bit with some scissors or a hair clipper before shaving.


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