What Are the Easiest Sourdough Bread Recipes?

Photo Courtesy: Aekkarak Thongjiew/EyeEm/Getty Images

A good, crusty loaf of sourdough bread is deliciously tangy and good for everything from bread bowls and sandwiches to breadcrumbs for use in other recipes. While it’s true that sourdough bread can seem intimidating if you're unfamiliar with preparing it, there are several tips that even new bakers can use to make the process manageable.

Part of the magic of sourdough bread is that it uses a slow fermentation process, which leads to its distinctive taste and perhaps even some health benefits. Some studies suggest that because of the lactic acid produced during the leavening process, sourdough bread causes blood sugar to rise less when eaten, making it a good choice for people with difficulty regulating their blood sugar. Sourdough may also help the body process the fiber and other nutrients found in many kinds of bread. Either way, the great taste of sourdough is beyond question, and with these easy recipes, your ability to make delicious sourdough bread will be, too.