Rise and Grind: How to Stay Productive on Fight Procrastination Day

Photo Courtesy: [Ben Rosett/Unsplash]

Fight Procrastination Day is an unconventional holiday that falls on September 6 every year. Instead of gifting presents or dressing up for parties, Fight Procrastination Day encourages people to tackle the tasks they might have otherwise put off. Becoming a more productive and less stressed individual is the end goal of this holiday. The barrier of entry is also virtually non-existent; you don’t need to spend any money on extravagant supplies. A willingness to rise to the occasion and hold yourself accountable is all that’s required.

Pandemic burnout and Zoom fatigue are both very real conditions that can hinder our ability to focus. Working from home, studying from home, and bounding from one video call to another can feel absolutely draining. The temptation to procrastinate might be stronger than ever for even the most diligent people. Fight Procrastination Day is the perfect opportunity to mentally recover and create practical plans that will increase your productivity. We’ll discuss some of the ways procrastination can affect you, and then share some viable strategies for overcoming it.