Stretching Exercises for Golf to Boost Your Range of Motion and Flexibility

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Northcut/GettyImages

There are plenty of reasons why golf is so enjoyable. You get to head outside for some fresh air, stroll through a beautiful setting, enjoy social opportunities with friends and even challenge yourself to better your performance on the course. It can also be a relaxing sport — one that doesn’t feel as intense as something like dance classes or racquetball — which is a big part of its appeal. But just because golfing happens in a tranquil setting, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t engage your whole body or provide a good workout.

Think about all the movements and motions you make while golfing — walking, swinging, bending. This sport requires you to engage more muscle groups than you might think at first. And there’s a number of reasons why you should warm up your muscles before you start the takeaway on your first drive. Find out why and learn some common stretches you can do for each muscle group to ensure you’re in tip-top shape from tee to green.