10 Essential Grooming Tips For Men To Look Sharp

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

Whether you are trying to impress that special someone on your first date, or you're just trying to look (and smell) more pleasant when you leave for the office or the local pub, proper grooming is crucial for making a good impression. If you're in the dark about proper grooming habits, like a lot of guys out there, you have nothing to fear. Just read this list of 10 essential grooming tips for men to help you look more polished and presentable, while still having a masculine appearance:

1. Trim Nose Hairs

Protruding nose hairs are never, ever acceptable. They cannot be used to enhance appearance, and are just flat-out unsightly. Invest in a pair of noise hair trimmers or tweezers and make sure you always keep those puppies where they should be - in your nose! Specialized nose clippers are also available for that quick, nose hair trim.

2. Take Care of Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow maintenance is not restricted to women only. While you want to avoid thin, feminine eyebrows, you do want to keep them somewhat cleaned and polished. Consider a little plucking and trimming to keep them inline and straight while keeping them full and masculine. And in case you were wondering, they're called "eyebrows," not "eyebrow." Always make sure there are two of them before heading out, not just one.

3. Take Care of Your Lips

While most men feel awkward when it comes to applying anything to their lips, they need to remember: lip balm is not lipstick. Preventing chapped lips is important for proper grooming and will help prevent your lips from crusting and bleeding. If you're afraid it will make you look too feminine, just avoid the glittery and ultra-glossy variety.

4. Groom Your Ears

Men often overlook their ears during their regular grooming session. Ear hairs, ear wax, dry skin and build-up in and around the ears should all be taken care of as a part of your grooming regimen. Pay special attention to your ears right after having your hair cut because there will definitely be unsightly hair trimmings inside and around your ears that your barber is likely to miss.

5. Brush and Floss Regularly

Most men know that brushing their teeth is important. The problem is, many are guilty of not knowing how to brush properly. And flossing? Flossing is probably skipped by the majority of men out there. Just remember that the plaque between your teeth can cause bad breath as well.

6. Don't Bathe in Cologne

While you may be overly self-conscious about body odor, that doesn't give you an excuse to literally bathe in your cologne or aftershave. It's good that you're thinking about your scent, but having too much fragrance on your body can be just as revolting. Just get a few dabs of cologne on the insides of your wrists, then apply to your neck to have a faint, yet appealing scent that should meet most people's approval.

7. Trim Your Nails

Long nails work for women, never for men. Men have a tendency to get their hands dirtier, and long finger nails means you are tracking dirt from almost everything you touch. Keep your nails trimmed regularly, and use a scrubber or loofa for cleaning underneath and around your finger nails.

8. If You Have Facial Hair, Take Care of It

Nothing is wrong with growing a beard, even if it's longer than the average man's hair length. Facial hair can be used to enhance a man's look and facial features. Just don't forget that you need to take care of your facial hair the same way you would take care of the hair on your head. Always trim and wash your facial hair to prevent it from looking unsightly. And lastly, try to keep your food and drinks off of your facial hair.

9. Take Your Time While Shaving

It's amazing how most men can blast through a daily shaving. It's almost as if they don't realize they are handling a sharp blade that is scraping at their face. Shaving cuts just make you look ridiculous, so take your time when handling your razor. Properly coat your face with shaving cream, gel or soap, and slowly shave each section, shaving with the grain, not against it. Also invest in aftershave lotion to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

10. Lotion is Not Just for Women

There are plenty of guys who are guilty of hands that feel like they were dipped in battery acid, flaky arms and ashy legs. Maybe it's because they think lotion is for the ladies only. However, lotion is important for guys too. If you're afraid of looking or smelling girly, just grab the unscented kind and apply it when no one is looking.


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