Here’s How Healthcare Professionals Can Support COVID-19 Long-Haulers

Photo Courtesy: Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

Even now, we simply don’t know how far-reaching and long-lasting the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic will be on anyone. However, one group, the so-called “long-haulers,” has first-hand knowledge of just how long the impacts of the virus can linger. And this isn’t a niche issue. In fact, studies suggest that between 3-10% of people who recover from COVID-19 will experience long-term symptoms.

This phenomenon is so new that there is not an official medical name for it, though, as aforementioned, many are self-describing with the term "long-haulers," since they’ll be contending with symptoms or after effects for the foreseeable future. Additionally, this group of folks who are now chronically ill presents a unique set of challenges for an already strained healthcare system. So, how can doctors and other healthcare professionals support COVID-19 long-haulers? We’re taking a look.