5 of the Healthiest Nuts to Add to Your Diet

Photo Courtesy: [Gracy Cary/Moment/Getty Images]

It’s no secret that nuts are packed with vitamins and nutrients that can be highly beneficial for your health. Additionally, they’re full of flavor and are great on-the-go fuel, which makes them an excellent alternative to irresistible (and unhealthy) junk food snacks. So, unless you have an allergy, adding a handful of nuts to your diet every day can help promote long-term health benefits.

Nuts are easy to incorporate into main meals while also serving as tasty snacks during the day. You can bake with them, add them to your cereal, make granola — the options are endless. But with so many varieties out there, it helps to know which nuts promote certain benefits — they don’t all contain the same compounds, after all. To get started, learn more about some of the healthiest nuts out there and what makes them so great for your body.