5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes You'll Absolutely Love

Photo Courtesy: Matt Lincoln/Getty Images

In recent years, smoothies have gained popularity for their nutritional value, especially among people who are looking for quick breakfasts on the go and those who want to get more fresh produce into their diets. Smoothies are typically packed with sweet and flavorful fruits that, when balanced with dark leafy greens — including kale or spinach — can help maintain your blood sugar levels and also control food cravings. Those effects are due in large part to the healthful fiber found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Because smoothies are so popular today, it’s getting easier to find them in stores. But you can’t be sure if shops are adding extra sugars and other ingredients, and it’s a great morning ritual to make your own smoothie before tackling the day. If you want to get started making nutritious, delicious drinks at home, sip your way to good health with these five healthy, easy-to-prepare smoothie recipes.