Simple Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

By Marisa Ramiccio. May 7th 2016

In the effort to make our hair look its best, we often do things that end up damaging it, which, ironically, makes it look worse. Taming a mass of dry, frizzy locks can be challenging, but you don’t need a team of hair stylists to do it. All you need is a little time and a few simple home remedies to transform your damaged hair into a coif worthy of a shampoo commercial.

How Most People Tend To Damage Their Hair

If you think about all of the things that you do to your hair on a weekly basis, it’s no surprise that it gets damaged so easily. These are just a few of the parts of your hair regimen that cause the most damage:

  • Heat styling tools: The term “fried hair” is a literal description of what happens to your hair when your curl or straighten it with a heated styling tool. When the temperature tops 212 degrees F, the water in your hair begins to boil and, eventually, the hair strands will crack and break off.
  • Hair dye and perms: The chemicals in hair dyes and perms can strip your hair of its natural oils, which can cause hair to become porous, dry and frizzy.
  • Over-brushing: Brushing your hair too much during the day or when it’s wet, and therefore weak, can cause your hair to break off.
  • Split-ends: Over time, the ends of your hair start to fray and that fraying can travel the length of the hair if the ends are not trimmed often.

Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

You may be guilty of damaging your hair in one or more of the aforementioned ways, but that doesn’t mean you hair has to serve a damaged-for-life sentence. You hair can be rehabilitated and you won’t need to break the bank at a fancy salon to do so. With these simple home remedies, your hair will be back to normal in no time:

Whip Up An Egg White Mask

The key to nursing damaged hair back to health is to condition it. One common conditioning treatment is an egg white hair mask, which consists of egg whites whipped into a bowl of tepid water. Massage the mixture into your hair and scalp and then rinse it out with cool water.

Try A Hot Oil Treatment

Another way to condition your hair is through a hot oil treatment. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a professional treatment when you can purchase a do-it-yourself kit at most grocery stores. For an even cheaper treatment, you can soak your hair in warm olive oil for 15-20 minutes, or overnight, if preferred. Wear a shower cap while the oil is setting, then rinse it out and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Smooth Your Hair With A Silicone Serum

To smooth and seal split ends, coat the ends of your hair with a silicone-based serum, which also works well for taming flyaway strands and frizz. You can find silicone hair serums at most stores that sell hair products.

Rinse Your Hair With Beer

Yes, beer. Beer is a great remedy for dull, dry hair, but you may want to mix it with an essential oil before dumping it on your head. Just mix a bottle of warm, flat beer with some citrus or lavender oil and work the mixture thoroughly through your hair from root to tip. Rinse it out with warm water and then rinse your hair with chamomile tea, if desired, to ensure that the beer smell has dissipated from your hair.


After treating your hair, you may want to make a few adjustments to your daily routine to prevent any further damage to it. Here are a few tips for keeping your hair sleek and stylish:

  • Cut back on heat styling: Try to avoid styling and blow drying your hair every day of the week. If you must curl or straighten your hair, be sure to keep the temperature at no higher than 200 degrees F.
  • Don’t shampoo every day: Shampoos contain chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils. So set aside a few days a week to simply condition your hair or to not wash it at all.
  • Switch hair brushes: Try using a hair brush that contains 50 percent synthetic bristles and 50 percent boar’s hair bristles as it will distribute the natural oils more evenly throughout your hair.
  • Let your hair air-dry: You may want to towel-dry your hair to avoid the damaging heat from the blow dryer, but towel-drying can be just as unhealthy for your hair. The friction from rubbing your hair with a towel can cause your hair to break, so let it dry on its own with good old-fashioned air.

Your hair goes through a lot each day – it’s washed, brushed, styled and maybe even dyed or permed. After all of that, it’s no wonder that so many people have damaged hair. Fortunately, with a few simple home remedies, that damage can be reversed.


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