How Do Compression Socks Work — and Why Are They a Must-Have?

Photo Courtesy: Gibson Pictures/E+/Getty Images

Compression therapy, or CT, is a popular and safe way to help apply gentle pressure to various body parts in order to maintain good circulation and reduce discomfort and swelling. And, just to be clear, compression therapy is not just for older folks. In fact, this kind of therapy is helpful for those who might stand or sit all day, regardless of age.

Interested in trying it out? Compression garments like stockings, sleeves, gloves, and socks, can’t help you get started. In particular, compression socks can do a lot of good for your ankles, feet, and legs, and are by far one of the most common forms of CT. So, let's dive into how compression socks work and explore some of the pros and cons when it comes to using them.