How Do You Choose the Right Massage for Pain or Relaxation?

Photo Courtesy: OJO Images/Getty Images

When your stress level is through the roof and your aching muscles just won’t stop demanding relief, a great massage can be a blissfully euphoric experience. A talented pair of hands targeting all the tightest spots in need of attention can feel like magic, but not every massage technique is right for every sore muscle. Apply the wrong type of pressure at the wrong time or on the wrong muscle, and the result might not be as magical as you hoped.

Although it's amazing to kick back and relax while a professional works the kinks out of tired muscles, the end result is so much better when it’s the right massage for the job. There are actually many different types of massage, and they can all accomplish different results. Whether you're looking for pain relief or you simply need to relax and release tension in your muscles, here’s what you need to know about choosing the perfect massage.