What Causes Itchy, Burning Eyes?

Photo Courtesy: [Oscar Wong/Getty Images]

The urge to wipe your eyes may never have been stronger, but hold off for as long as you can. Since the onset of COVID-19, not touching your eyes in public or after touching anything has been a focal point in our efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. To add to this, the “new normal” we’re living in also includes rougher allergy seasons because of warmer temperatures and poorer air quality due to increases in seasonal wildfires. This can mean even more eye irritation and a greater temptation to rub or scratch your lids.

More than one year into the pandemic, flowers have once again bloomed, and in places all over the world it can look like it’s raining pollen. Relief for itchy eyes can be hard to find after such a tough year in part because of the precautionary measures that many people followed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Staying indoors will alleviate allergy symptoms, as will wearing a mask. But after a year of doing both, going maskless can leave your face and your eyes susceptible to irritation from allergies. If you’re finding your allergy symptoms — particularly an itchy or burning sensation in your eyes — are picking up, try these solutions to find some relief.