New Year’s Eve Dos And Don’ts

By Marisa Ramiccio. May 7th 2016

New Year’s Eve can end up one of two ways: It can be incredibly fun, or it can end in disaster. It all depends on the choices you make before and during the evening. To ensure that you make the right choices and end the current year on a good note, follow this guide of New Year’s Eve do's and don’ts.

DO: Drink Cider Instead Of Champagne

Getting drunk on New Year’s Eve is a definite don’t, so in order to avoid the temptation, drink something nonalcoholic like hot apple cider or even water. Alcoholic drinks that use vodka, rum and whiskey are typically fatty and full of calories, so it’s best to avoid them if you want to stick to your New Year’s diet. Even the fun drinks like spiked eggnog, buttered rum and Irish coffee are full of fat and calories so don’t indulge in them either.

DO: Babysit Your Drink

No matter what you decide to drink, make sure you keep a watchful eye on your beverage. When you’re in a large crowd, that makes it easy for someone to quickly slip something in your drink without you noticing. Always keep your drink in your hand and out of reaching distance of other people. If you mut set your drink down for any reason, make sure you get a new one – don’t drink out of that same cup again.

DO: Have A Chauffeur

Driving drunk is another New Year’s don’t, so make sure you have a designated driver should you decide to drink. If you can’t find a designated driver, plan on carpooling with some friends or take public transportation if you have to. New Year’s Day is the deadliest day for pedestrians due to the number of drunk walkers and drunk drivers on the streets, so do yourself a favor and plan ahead.

DO: Bundle Up

Chances are your New Year’s event will be outdoors and chances are it’ll be cold on New Year’s Eve. Make sure you wear plenty of layers, but don’t overdress either. If you peel away a layer of clothes during the event, you may not be able to find it again unless you leave it in a very safe spot.

DO: Be Careful About Who You Have Physical Contact With

It’s a New Year’s tradition to receive a kiss at midnight, but be careful about who you share that smooch with. Kissing just anybody isn’t smart – that person may be sick or have herpes, so if you want to start the New Year off right, kiss someone who you know isn’t sick.

DON’T: Binge Drink

If you want to ring in the New Year with a drink, you won’t be alone. But make sure you ring in the New Year with a drink and not the whole bottle. Binge drinking is a common problem on New Year’s and can lead to drunk driving, drunk walking and alcohol poisoning, or at the very least, some embarrassing behavior you probably won’t be able to remember the next morning.

DON’T: Go Crazy With The Fireworks

No New Year’s celebration would be complete without fireworks, but if you plan on staging your own fireworks display, make sure you do it in an open, clear area, keep the fireworks away from your body and be sure to have a bucket of water close by. Many hand and arm injuries result from firework explosions gone awry and many people have gone blind from lighting fireworks improperly. Firework smoke is also a danger as it contains toxins that can irritate the lungs, so if you suffer from asthma, you may want to let someone else light the fireworks.

DON’T: Do Illicit Drugs

The only thing that should be high on New Year’s Eve is the ball in Times Square. New Year’s Eve is a night of tempting bad decisions, but don’t let doing drugs be one of them. If you feel you might fall off of the wagon with either drugs or alcohol, have a buddy close by who can keep you in check.

DON’T: Kill Your Feet

Your feet should look killer on New Year’s Eve, but they should be killed by the shoes you wear that night. Comfort is key since you’ll probably be standing on your feet all night, so wear flats instead of 6-inch heels. Rub on some anti-blister cream, which is designed to prevent your feet from sweating and protects them from any friction caused by your shoe. If you don’t have any anti-blister cream, roll some deodorant on your feet and be sure to bring some Band-Aids for your friends. They’re probably going to need some by the end of the night.

New Year’s Eve is a time to bid farewell to the old and ring in the new, so this year, kick those old habits and ring in the New Year the right way by following these dos and don’ts.


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