Can the Noom Diet Plan Really Help You Change Your Eating Habits?

Photo Courtesy: Willie B. Thomas/DigitalVision/Getty Images

In today’s ever-connected world, many people who are looking to lose weight or change their eating habits are naturally turning to technology for assistance — after all, it’s convenient, it’s familiar and there’s something out there for just about everyone. Anyone hoping to get healthier now has access to a wide variety of apps designed for everything from meal tracking to workout planning to weight loss, all with the goal of developing long-term habits that’ll help users maintain changes for life.

If you’re specifically interested in losing weight and eating more healthfully, there are several weight loss apps and programs that can assist with this journey. Noom is one of the newer, more promising apps that claims it’s different from other programs in a way that helps users change their habits for good. How does it accomplish this? Noom focuses on changing psychological and emotional behaviors that can hinder people on their health journeys.

Noom makes some pretty big promises about achieving long-term results with lifestyle changes instead of just extreme dieting. But how does Noom work, and how is it different from other weight-loss apps? We’re digging into this rising health app and the benefits that it could provide for people starting a journey to a healthier lifestyle.