Need a Better Breakfast? You’ll Love These Awesome Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Photo Courtesy: Eva-Katalin/E+/Getty Images

Oatmeal is a popular food choice thanks in large part to its nutrient value and high levels of beneficial bioactive compounds — substances that can have positive health effects. Eating a diet that regularly includes oats or oat products can help you enjoy numerous health benefits, such as weight loss and a decreased risk of developing diseases. By adding oats to your diet, you may see a number of overall benefits to your wellness.

Oats are often found in ready-to-cook forms, such as rolled, quick-cook and steel-cut oatmeals. Instant, or quick-cook, oats take the least time to cook but tend to be more processed. Oats can also be found in cereals, baked goods and granola bars, but eating homemade oatmeal can help you enjoy oats’ health benefits without the extra ingredients processed foods often incorporate.

Ready to see how healthy oatmeal can be? Learn about the following benefits of oatmeal, all of which have been observed and supported by scientific studies.