How to Overcome Loneliness: 14 Tips to Help You Feel More Connected to Your Community

Photo Courtesy: [Izusek/Getty Images]

Loneliness affects people across age groups all over the world. Prior to 2020, loneliness was still taken seriously as an issue, but the COVID-19 pandemic heightened the issue to what’s now being called a “loneliness epidemic.” With the pandemic, overcoming loneliness can seem harder than ever, but you’re not alone — and it’s easier to do than you might expect.

According to a 2021 Harvard study, 36% of people who participated noted that they experienced loneliness “frequently” or “almost all the time.” That 36% of all participants included 61% of people aged 18-25 and 51% of mothers with young children. Fortunately, assistance for lessening this loneliness doesn’t have to be hard to come by.


A variety of strategies can help you limit loneliness and start connecting with people again, even from the comfort of home. To get you started, we have 14 excellent tips on how to overcome loneliness that you can start using today.