What's The Proper Way to Treat a Hangover?

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

To put it bluntly, there's no known end-all cure for your hangover. How can this be, considering the absolute agony they cause? Part of the reason stems from the fact that scientists aren't able to pinpoint precisely what causes hangovers. Of course, there are three primary suspects, including the way alcohol directly impacts your brain; the physiological effects of alcohol on your body; and, potentially, the experience of alcohol withdrawal.

Some researchers have suggested that the lack of a hangover cure might boil down to the fact that scientists don't deem such a finding all that pressing. Still, just because there is no scientifically backed, be-all and end-all remedy, that doesn't mean you can't ease the nausea, headache or fatigue you feel post-drinking. Need some help? Next time you're experiencing a hangover — or anticipate having one — try to keep these five tips and tricks in mind.