Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain With These 5 Simple Stretches

Photo Courtesy: PeopleImages/Getty Images

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. It originates in your lower back on both sides of your spine, runs through your buttocks and hips and then branches down each leg to just below your knees. You have this nerve to thank for sensation in your outer legs and feet — and you might also have it to blame for common aches and pains.

Pain that originates in the sciatic nerve is called sciatica, and it can range from mild to quite severe. Sciatica often feels like sharp, shooting or burning pain that runs through your buttocks and down the back of one of your legs. In severe cases, sciatica can make it uncomfortable to stand, sit or even lie down. However, this nerve irritation often goes away on its own after time and with at-home treatments, notes the Cleveland Clinic. If you’re experiencing painful effects of sciatica and have spoken with your doctor, some simple stretches may be all you need for pain relief.