What Are the Safest Antiperspirants on the Market?

Photo Courtesy: Moyo Studio/E+/Getty Images

Just like brushing your teeth and combing your hair, putting on antiperspirant, deodorant or a product that combines the two is something you do every day as part of your morning routine. Antiperspirant alone helps control how much your underarms sweat, while deodorant helps control the unpleasant odor that can occur when you sweat. Most products combine the two to achieve the best result — less sweating and no odor — but it’s also possible to find products that only contain one or the other.

Regardless of which type of product you choose, you want a positive outcome, but you shouldn’t have to risk your health to get it. Like far too many of our foods these days, most antiperspirants have a scary-sounding list of chemical ingredients. So, how can you find an antiperspirant that does the job well but doesn’t endanger you with potentially toxic ingredients absorbed into your skin? Let’s take a look at some safer antiperspirant possibilities.