5 Signs That Indicate You're Experiencing a Migraine

Medically Reviewed by Carolin Schneider, MD

Photo Courtesy: martin-dm/E+/Getty Images

A migraine is an intense headache that can last for hours, and, most often, it's a reoccurring issue for individuals. Usually, the headache occurs on one side of the head, but it can impact both sides or the area behind one's eye(s). Most often, the headache is marked by a severe pounding or pulsing sensation. As many as one out of five women and one out of fifteen of men experience migraines.

As migraine sufferers know, the symptoms that accompany migraines can be just as intense before, during, and after the telltale headache portion of the migraine. Moreover, some people may experience classic migraines, which are notably accompanied by an "aura," sensory warning signs. Of course, others experience no warning signs at all. While symptoms may vary, it's still important to understand the signs most often associated with a migraine, especially if you experience — or think you might experience — them on a regular basis.