What Supplies Do You Need After Getting an Ostomy?

Photo Courtesy: Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Did you know that there are between 725,000 and 1 million Americans living with an ostomy? This life-saving surgery has been used successfully for years now and can improve overall quality of life, which is a positive thing for anyone who’s new to living with an ostomy. While it’s normal to experience emotional and physical changes after your ostomy surgery, recovery is the beginning of your new life with improved health.

After getting an ostomy, things may feel overwhelming; there’s a lot to learn about the different way of life it brings along. But there's plenty of good news, too: Living with an ostomy — whether it's permanent or temporary — is easier when you have the right supplies on hand. You’ll be able to do everything you want to do safely and comfortably, all while taking care of your ostomy and the skin around it.