Words of Comfort: How to Offer Support for a Grieving Family Member or Friend

Photo Courtesy: Justin Paget/Getty Images

Supporting someone you love who is grieving can be tough. Part of this is because you want to help, but deep down, you know that you can’t fully take their pain away. In addition, it was difficult to console a grieving friend or family member before the COVID-19 pandemic — but this past year has certainly complicated the process. Offering support with a screen separating you from your loved one can prevent you from extending a comforting hug or hand and furthering your message of support.

Still, knowing what to say and do — in addition to just being there for them without necessarily saying or doing too much — is a great start. Grieving is a gradual process, and the ultimate healer is time. However, in the process, you can help a loved one cope by providing support in different ways. Use these tips to get started in offering reassurance and comfort to someone who’s navigating the grieving process.