Swollen Lymph Nodes & How to Treat Them

Photo Courtesy: vitapix/E+/Getty Images

Lymph nodes, which are small nodules found throughout your body, are an integral part of your immune system. Lymph nodes facilitate "communication" between various defense cells that fight off infection and foreign bodies to keep you healthy. When you’re experiencing an infection, your lymph nodes may feel or appear swollen because the cells within them are actively fighting the pathogen causing the infection. This enlargement is usually normal, but you should have a healthcare provider take a look if the swelling persists much longer than the duration of your illness.

Lymph nodes are found in various areas around your body, such as your groin, the sides of your neck, behind your ears, your underarm/armpit region and below your jaw. Though you can feel some nodes with your fingers, it’s not abnormal at all to be unable to locate your lymph nodes by touch.