Take a Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone: Inside This Surprising Fitness Fad

Photo Courtesy: @WalkAtHome/Twitter

Warmer weather is around the corner, and people are continuing to work on their fitness regimens. For many, walking is a great low-impact workout that yields awesome results. And while some may prefer to head outside to get their steps in or take advantage of the gym's treadmill, others, who are concerned about COVID-19, might not feel comfortable leaving their homes yet. 

If you're in the stay-at-home boat, we might have a great walking program for you to try. So, what is this regimen? It's the Walk at Home program — with beloved instructor Leslie Sansone! Perfect for staying active at home, all you'll need is a little space and a solid internet connection. Before you get walking, let's delve into this fitness fad and the ways in which it can help you reach your goals.