9 Essential Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve

By Ashley Henshaw. May 7th 2016

New Year’s Eve is a great time to celebrate the good times of the past year while also ringing in the next year with loved ones. Many people look forward to this joyous holiday each year for the hopeful feeling that it inspires and the fun it brings. However, there are still a few things that must be considered in order to ensure that this is a safe and healthy holiday in the end. The following are some of the top safety tips for New Year’s Eve.

1. Food

Great food and festive snacks are one of the best parts of the holiday season, and you’re sure to find plenty of dishes at most New Year’s Eve parties. If you’re hosting, make sure you follow food safety guidelines to ensure that your guests don’t receive any dangerous food. Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food. Be especially careful with raw meat – always wash any utensils, sinks, dishes or cutting boards that come in contact with raw meat before reusing them. You should also wash all fruits and vegetables you plan to serve, and make sure that hot liquids are kept in safe locations away from children and pets.

2. Alcohol

Be smart when drinking alcohol on New Year’s Eve. Many people plan on drinking for the midnight champagne toast but forget about the other alcoholic drinks they might consume over the course of the night. Always have a designated driver or call a taxi if you plan to be out while drinking on this holiday. Don’t walk home alone and avoid walking through dangerous areas, even if you are with friends. Prevent alcohol-related health problems by spreading your drinks out slowly over the course of the night.

3. Stress

Though filled with fun, the holidays can also be quite stressful. New Year’s Eve can be a stressful situation for those who are feeling lonely or depressed. Meanwhile, others may stress about making plans for what is widely considered to be one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Focus on doing something that you find relaxing and fun to make New Year’s Eve a stress-free night.

4. Driving

As mentioned before, it’s important to get a designated driver or a taxi if you plan to drink on New Year’s Eve. However, it’s also vital to remember that there may still be some drunk drivers on the road on this particular night. Even if you are sober, be especially careful when driving. Wear your seatbelt, obey the speed limit and be cautious of other cars on the road.

5. Parties

If you are attending a party, be sure to offer safe and healthy options for your guests. Since alcohol can cause issues for those who need to drive home, be sure to offer non-alcoholic drinks as well. It’s also a good idea to make sure that all fragile or dangerous items are out of reach if you plan to have children at your holiday party.

6. Going Out

Help make your night a safer experience by going out with those who you know and trust. If you are attending a party or going to a bar or club, have a plan in case you become separated at some point during the night. Plan for a place to meet up or exchange cell phone numbers so that you can be in contact if for some reason you need to find one another.

7. Fireplaces

Many people may be using a fireplace in their home on New Year’s Eve. In these situations, always make sure that any flammable items are kept at least a few feet from the fire. In addition, a fireplace screen will make your home much safer, particularly if there will be children present. If you are using candles, you should also make sure they are kept away from flammable items and out of children’s reach.

8. Fireworks

One of the most popular ways to celebrate the New Year is to light fireworks at midnight. Unfortunately, this can often lead to accidents or serious fire hazards. For the best results, only use legal fireworks as many illegal fireworks are not regulated. Don’t let children near the fireworks, and always light your fireworks in an area that is wide open to prevent fires and burns. Once you are done with your fireworks, toss the remaining materials in a bucket of water to make sure all fuses are completely extinguished and no materials are at risk for starting fires.

9. Pets

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration, which is fun for people but not always fun for animals. Bring your pets indoors on New Year’s Eve to prevent them being frightened by loud noises and activities. In addition, make accommodations for your pets if you plan to go out of town for this holiday.


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