7 Warning Signs of a Blood Clot

Medically Reviewed by Carolin Schneider, MD

Photo Courtesy: Westend61/Getty Images

Clotting is the way that your body naturally stops wounds from bleeding and begins the healing process after an injury that damages or breaks your blood vessels. The blood clots that form at the site of an injury usually break down after the wound heals. However, blood clots can sometimes form in unnecessary places. And, they might not dissolve properly. This can lead to harmful issues in your body. 

Almost 1 million people are affected by blood clots every year in the United States, and a third of those people may develop long-term issues from those blood clots. Because blood clots are sometimes life-threatening and can even lead to sudden death, knowing the warning signs can save your or a loved one’s life. Learn about some of the common signs of a blood clot to look out for.